Adrienne Lee teaching a piece of TA theory.  Here, she shows the relationship between Injunctions and Drivers.

Ian Stewart (author of “Eric Berne”, “Developing Transactional Analysis Counselling”, co-author of “TA Today” and “Personality Adaptations”) talks about what is important to him about TA.

Frances Townsend discusses Impasse theory from a TA perspective

Mark Widdowson teaches in Serbia about depression and its treatment using TA (it’s a long one, but worth it!)

Mark Widdowson briefly outlines result of his research into the effectiveness of TA when treating depression.

Eric Berne (originator of TA) discussing theory (part 1).

Eric Berne (originator of TA) discussing theory (part 2).

What people say about their experience of attending the TA 101.