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Psychotherapy training and counselling training using TA (transactional analysis) at our training centre, Berne House

Welcome to The Berne Institute!

(Pictured above: all smiles after their success in the exams for accreditation as Certified Transactional Analysts, Blackpool, July 2014, are Berne Institute Exam Group members (l. to r.) Ann Biddle, Janine Piccirella and Annette Terry. Our hearty congratulations to Ann, Janine and Annette, and to their Principal Supervisors: respectively, Marilyn Wright PTSTA, Enid Welford TSTA and Frances Townsend PTSTA.)

We offer on-going professional psychotherapy training, counselling training and supervision, using the core model of transactional analysis (TA). We also offer you a varied programme of workshops, seminars and other training events. In our pages you'll find full information on all the courses and events we run at The Berne Institute.

Here on our site, you'll find details of all our on-going training courses, plus our weekend and midweek training events and seminars for Spring and Summer 2014 (and, for some events – such as our "TA 101" introductory course and our post-qualification Professional Excellence Workshops – even further forward).

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We last updated this site on 27 July 2014.

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