The Berne Institute Diploma in TA Counselling


Postgraduate Diploma in TA Counselling

validated by Middlesex University

The Berne Institute’s Diploma course provides a thorough in-depth training for those wishing to take up a career in counselling. The Diploma course is also suitable for those already working as counsellors who wish to expand their skills and knowledge.

The in-house Diploma course typically requires a minimum of three years’ post-Foundation study, with twenty days of training in each year. It provides a balance of theory, skills training, personal development and practical experience and is designed to integrate all these elements to provide a firm basis for development as a counsellor.

CONGRATULATIONS to successful Diploma candidates!

Jane TA Diploma graduate Suzanne TA Diploma graduate Karen TA Diploma graduate Rachel TA Diploma graduate

Pictured above are the “Berne” students who were successful in gaining the “Berne” Diploma or PGCD at the exams held in December 2014. They are (l. to r.): Jane Bielby; Suzanne Hsu Prendergast; Karen McGrath; Rachel Manoiret.

Taking TA as its core model, the Diploma course builds understanding of the interpersonal interactions, intrapsychic processes, personality structure, feeling, thinking and behaviour of the person as an integrated whole. It provides a means to understand people in depth, both as individuals and also in the family system or other social matrix where they spend their lives. The first year of the course (Foundation Year) concentrates on building a thorough knowledge of TA while developing essential counselling skills. In subsequent years this basis is broadened, extended and integrated with further enhancement of skills as you move towards full professional competence. As the course proceeds, TA is integrated with other significant humanistic models.

Eligibility for entry to the Diploma course

To be eligible for entry to the Diploma course, you must normally:

  • have completed the official “TA 101” course TA101 page… or passed the “TA 101” open-book examination; and
  • have completed at least 120 hours of recognised advanced TA training.

(Note: both these conditions are fulfilled by successful completion of The Berne Institute’s Foundation Year course Foundation year page…).

These conditions are necessary but do not confer an automatic right to enter the programme.

No previous academic qualification is required for entry to the Diploma course*. However, we would advise you that the training is demanding in terms of both intellectual activity and skills development. Success in the course requires a high degree of motivation and an openness to self-exploration and personal change. You therefore need to have the intellectual and personal resources to deal successfully with such demands. This will be assessed at the intake interview in each individual case. (*Note: if you wish to take the validated Postgraduate Clinical Diploma, you must have a first degree or degree-equivalent qualification on entry to the course).

Personal development for trainees

The Diploma training includes some personal development work. However, you are expected to undertake additional personal development during the course and opportunities will be provided for this.


The examination for The Berne Institute’s Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling is normally taken at the end of three years’ post-Foundation study. The Diploma will be awarded on assessment of written work (two case studies of 2000-3000 words) and an oral examination of your taped work with clients. To be eligible for the final examination, you will need to have completed at least 360 hours of advanced TA training and have provided at least 200 hours of TA counselling to clients.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling

Our Diploma course has been validated by Middlesex University for the award of their Postgraduate Clinical Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling. The training and final examinations for this Diploma are identical to those for The Berne Institute’s in-house Diploma. However, students wishing to take the Postgraduate Diploma will be registered with Middlesex University as well as with The Berne Institute; they also have to submit a number of written assignments for formal marking during the course. The duration of the PGCD course is 2 years (min.) of part-time study, with enrolment normally taking place in the third year of post-Foundation training.

External accreditation (BACP)

Trainees wishing to gain accreditation by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) must undertake the external accreditation procedure set forth by the BACP itself. Contact hours accrued on The Berne Institute’s Diploma course (including the Foundation Year) can normally be counted toward the number of hours’ training required by BACP (this will be checked by BACP in every individual case). Berne Institute trainers will be glad to assist trainees in preparing materials for the BACP accreditation process.

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