MSc and CTA in Organisational TA

Anne de Graaf TSTA(O)

The MSc will include some modules from the TA curriculum which is across all fields of application, with these additional modules:

Module 1: Introduction to the structure and dynamics of groups and organisations
Content: Features of different organisational models within TA, professional practice interventions, connections between the public and private structure of an organisation, research implications for different organisational theories and approaches.

Module 2: Organisational contracting as searching, finding, making and taking up a role
Content: Principles associated with searching, finding, making and taking up a role using Armstrong and Schmidt, the role as a contract in personal practice, Hay’s theories about multi-leveled and multi-cornered contracting, Micholt’s theory on psychological distance, Armstrong’s organisation in the mind.

Module 3: TA perspectives on power, leadership styles, mentoring and coaching
Content: Implementation of power in own working context, theories about power by Jacobs, van Poelje, Holdeman and Kraus, Steiner’s ideas on managing without power, the use and abuse of power in the organisational context.

Module 4: The organisational script experience
Content: Script theory in professional practice, principles of working on the edge, Kraus’s theory on organisational script: time, money, work and people, key interventions, organisational culture.

Module 5: The anxious organisation
Content: Organisational context and culture using the theory of the anxious organisation as a diagnostic instrument, the stages of Tuckman, Berne and Bion, Clarkson in their professional practice, the concept of the private structure of groups and organisations, the emotional structure of organisations.

Module 6: The group in the individual
Content: Incorporating the idea of the group in the individual in personal practice, Hogg and Abrams theory of social identity, van Beekum’s theory on the relational consultant, social identity theories.

CTA Written and Oral Examinations

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