MSc and CTA in Educational TA

Giles Barrow MSc TSTA(E)

The MSc will include some modules from the TA curriculum which is across all fields of application, with these additional modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Educational TA
Content: Learning imagoes, the educational continuum, script and schooling, personal vocation and professional identity.

Module 2: Liberal education and the power of the Parent
Content: Principles and overview of the liberal educational tradition, considerations of the Parent in educational TA practice, inc. Temple’s Functional Fluency, Clarke’s parenting education material, the concept of permission.

Module 3: Humanistic Education and emotional growth
Content: Principles and overview of humanistic models of education, including Rogers’ Freedom to Learn and the work of Nel Noddings. Reframing Levin’s Cycle of Development through the work of Clarke, Newton et al, Papaux’s Educational Permission Wheel, revisiting stroke theory in the learning environment.

Module 4: Progressive approaches and co-creative TA
Content: Principles and overview of progressive education inc. Dewey, Reggio Emilia, early childhood education. Introducing the work of Keith Tudor, especially neopsyche and integrating Adult, Newton and Napper.

Module 5: Radical education and Relational TA
Content: The work of radical educators including Mezirow, Holt, Illich and others and an integration with relational TA principles and practice.

Module 6: Social pedagogy and the beautiful risk of education
Content: An experiential workshop leading to an introduction to a creational approach to educational TA. Drawing on non-TA ideas from Biesta, holistic and ecological writers, combined with Barrow and Newton’s recent commentaries and the Health System (Newton).

CTA Written and Oral Examinations