Exam Group

We run an Exam Group, the purpose of which is given by its name: the group members prepare for and pass the CTA examination.

We aim to give you the best preparation for passing your written and oral exams.

We do this be focussing on your personal requirements.  This is done by supervising sections of the written exam, supervising tapes of client work, mock exams and covering theory which you may feel hazy on.

The process uses a truly TA approach in that we use a contractual method to find out what each member of the group wants from each day and also contract with members of the group to allow them to prepare for their next session.

We purposely provide a variety of tutors for this group so that you receive feedback from a number of differing perspectives.  All the tutors are very experienced practitioners, supervisors and trainers who have examined both the written and oral CTA exams.

To be eligible for a place, you need:

  1. to have the agreement of your own Principal Supervisor and/or training centre.
  2. to have started writing your CTA Written Exam, or be at an advanced stage of planning it.
  3. to be making tapes of your client work that are within “striking distance” of CTA standard.

These are the same conditions for Exam Group entry that we require of “Berne” students. If you would like to enquire about Exam Group, use our contact page Contact us….