Life, Life Energy & Grounding with Ken Mellor

Key Elements of Our Fulfilment in Life

A Workshop with Ken Mellor

Thursday 28 September 2017


For many years, Ken Mellor has explored ways to promote fulfilment in everyday life. All his contributions to Transactional Analysis theory and practice since 1975 have supported this end. All are designed for immediate use to expand understanding and to get results.

The workshop will include discussion, shared exercises, and the use of practices designed to open awareness to the significant traces that Life’s presence leaves in our everyday lives.

  • Life is a fifth dimension that gives existence to and sustains everything captured by space and time. It is not directly detectable.
  • Life-Energy, known as physis by Eric Berne, is readily identifiable in our everyday worlds as internal sensations, and external perceptions.
  • Grounding is our best means of promoting its living vitality, and of making the most of all, it has to offer us.

The processes of the workshop provide ways to understand Life, Life-Energy (physis), and ready to use this understanding in both therapies and everyday living.

Key themes to be explored include:

  • Life affects us every moment of our lives. It is Life that gives our bodies  core awareness and consciousness.
  • How we can know Life, though it is beyond the reach of everyday consciousness, i.e., sensory experience and descriptions?
  • Life’s oneness, wholeness, completion, etc. perpetually impact us, drawing us into alignment by being a hidden template of our fulfilment.
  • Life-Energy saturates all aspects of our physical being as it flows through our bodies. Its flow is our experience of aliveness.
  • Grounding in which its flow is the avenue to our health, wellbeing, release from the past, personal balance, and spiritual awakening

About Ken Mellor

Ken Mellor has years of international experience running communities and leading workshops that combine meditative practices with personal growth strategies. He is an inspiring spiritual master and mentor. Always down to earth, he is fun, practical and engaging. People usually feel comfortable and safe when with him and open up to the transcendent, to exploring their lives in depth, to making decisions that can transform how they live.

He is a Master of Meditation, a Reiki Master, and a spiritual mentor. He has extensive experience in working with people from many different backgrounds. Ken is also a psychotherapist and trainer of psychotherapists. In 1980 he and a colleague were awarded the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award for their work on dealing with “discounting” and “redefining”, two powerful processes that can create significant problems for people. He is also a prize winning author, most recently with his books Urban Mystic and Inspiration, Meditation and Personal Wellbeing

Together with Elizabeth, his wife, they were recently recognised for their many accomplishments by being accepted for membership of MA (The Meditation Association of Australia) in the personal development, medical, and spiritual areas of living and teaching; and were also granted the Siddhartha Award from the Shiva Ashram for their many years as international teachers of meditation. Ken has taught in UK almost every year since 1981 with many hundreds of people attending his workshops in that time. In 2016 he was awarded the ITAA Muriel James Living Principles Award.


Timing The workshop will run from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, with the normal breaks for lunch and refreshments.

Fees: Check out 1 day workshop fees here.


Venue The Berne Institute, Berne House, 29 Derby Road, Kegworth DE74 2EN. Berne House is located ten miles south of Nottingham, one mile from Junction 24 on the M1. If you need detailed directions to Kegworth, or a list of local accommodation, please ask the Course Registrar when you book for the course and we will be glad to send you this information. You can also find the information on our website

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