Working with The Overweight Client

A psychological approach to working with clients who present with eating and “overweight” issues

with Kathy Leach TSTA(P)

This is a two day Worksop focussing on issues of weight and eating aimed at therapists who wish to increase their understanding of some of the psychological components that appear to influence clients to eat more than they need and gain or maintain unwanted weight, often leading to clients needing to be big in the world to the point where the size, and thereby food, become defensive survival issues. We will look at the continuum of what is deemed overweight to supermorbidly obese and the associated implications for therapeutic work. This will include considering differences in long and short term weight gain and brief reference to the development of the body self, alongside the psychological self. (Krueger)  We will recognise the importance of self-esteem and self-worth and script belief systems that prevent someone from reaching their stated goal: usually weight loss, and whether this is necessarily the most needed outcome of the psychotherapy. I will present some case material and introduce working with my 4 part questionnaire.

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Kathy Leach is a TSTA who has worked in various capacities in the field of weight and food related issues since 1979. After leaving her position as a Senior Probation Officer to start a family, she worked part time in Adult Education teaching Healthy Eating, Weight Control, Exercise, Relaxation and Lifestyle, eventually becoming a teacher trainer and examiner. She was intrigued with the fact that some members of the groups lost weight and maintained that loss, others lost but regained the weight and others didn’t lose weight at all.  When retraining as a TA Psychotherapist (1991) she determined to focus on researching the psychology behind the use of food and body size as illusional protection and defences.

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